To help you be you. We believe in setting you on a path to

discover your own answers and live out your distinction and

enjoy workplace as a play place. Entertain, learn, sports,

develop, innovate, grow, think, re-live and recognize.

Why Choose Zenfu Career

It is not just about tutoring and learning at Zenfu Career, we dive deeper, we shape personalities, and we train attitudes; we show you the path to enlightenment. Basically, you gain a 360 degree transformation! Meet us at conferences, workshops, exhibitions, campuses, hotels, beaches and mountains. Our educational methods are what you may term “Work and Happiness” we are a proper definition of energized, engaged & enlightened. Our Zenfuz spread their passion, greatness and impact all over the world in their own domain. They have become role models in their communities, companies and within their peer groups. At Zenfu Career we grow with you in your journey even after completing our courses Join our well outlined courses today and start your journey to greatness. Do not just be a spectator, be part of the action by attending, volunteering, working with or working along with the cause. Be empowered for change now!


The birth of Zenfu Career can be a good story to tell. In the beginning, we saw a problem with our youth reserve. We saw a pool of human resources; a vibrant youth energy not being utilized. Our founders wanted to channel it for good and direct it towards a more fruitful pursuits and so Zenfu Career was born. With support from the mother organization, Zenfusion Academy, the path was set for an unstoppable success.

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